Structural Repairs

Structural repairs carried out by us:

  • Lintel replacements
  • Crack control systems
  • Lateral restraints
  • Wall tie replacements

Wall tie replacements are carried out extensively by AC Surveying and Property Care.  An insured Guarantee can be offered. Please call for more details.

A pre-treatment survey can be carried out. There will be a nominal fee for this work because of the time it takes. I believe that the best way of testing for the wall tie failure is to inspect the tie in the outer leaf of brickwork rather than the section within the cavity. If its pre purchase and this work can’t be carried out, I will carry out an external inspection and assumed costing for the works.

Once you have occupation, we can carry out a more in-depth assessment. However, quite often the tell-tale signs are fully visible negating the need for a full survey and a free quotation for the work can be provided.