Damp and Timber Report

This type of report is what you may be asked for when buying a property – your surveyor/valuer has found a problem and has requested a damp and timber report.  We would normally be looking for damp problems like rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, dampness caused through defective gutters and roof coverings etc. Timber defects, possibly as a result of the above issues, will also be assessed including looking for wood boring insects (wood worm etc). There are limitations to the inspection as with any type of survey and we will be pleased to discuss the terms, conditions and extent of the survey with you beforehand.

Condensation Reports

Many properties suffer with condensation problems nowadays, particularly as insulation and draft proofing has increased over the years. As above with the defect diagnosis, a small report can be compiled highlighting the problems, providing some valuable information on how to avoid condensation problems and also any remedial treatments which may help (fans etc) reduce the condensation to a minimum level.