Survey fees and reports

The fee varies depending on the property size and type of survey required. However, the fee is cost effective and will often save hundreds or thousands of pounds and often negate the need for destructive, disruptive and unnecessary works. Please call or email for a quotation.

There are companies that offer free surveys for damp, timber and wall tie issues. They may carry out a quick survey and then provide a solution using their companies’ remedial treatment products and services. For me this is not the case, I will usually be on site for 2-4 hours for a damp survey and will use the best none intrusive instruments available to assist with the inspection. The report may take a similar amount of time to write and will be legible, understandable and specific to your property.

The report will then provide you with a way forward. It will either tell you exactly what is wrong and the recommended works required to fix your problem. Or it will let you know if any further, maybe more investigative, operations will be required to get to the crux of the problem. If destructive inspections are not possible, which is usually the case for pre purchase surveys, a worst-case scenario list of recommendations and costs will be provided on the understanding that once you take occupation, the relevant checks can be made before any work is carried out.

My satisfaction comes from providing you with an answer and getting paid for my time rather than trying to win a contract from you. However, if you require work to be completed by myself, I am joiner by trade and have been producing high quality workmanship for over 25 years.